Foster FAQ

May I try to secure an adopter for my fostered dog?

Certainly, and all efforts to aid in finding a permanent home for the dogs are warmly welcomed. However, all potential adopters must go through the adoption review process to obtain approval by the organization. Please give us heads up if you believe you have a good candidate for your foster dog. We value our fosters‚ opinion as they usually know their foster dog best. Any input by the foster parent regarding its new home will be greatly considered in the outcome of the adoption

What am I supplied with while fostering?

We will supply all food, flea meds, leashes, collars, tags, and any vet needs throughout the fostering process. If you are fostering puppies, you will also be supplied with crates/pens and puppy pads. Food and care items are typically delivered with the dog and you are then resupplied at Adoption Fairs. If you notice that you are low on any supplies, please give us heads up before the next event so we can be sure you are well stocked until the next event. In case of medical emergencies we ask that you contact us and take the dog to a sanctioned hospital.

What, if any, are the training requirements for dogs I care for?

Every dog is unique and will have unique needs. Some will be housebroken, but some will not. It may take a day or two for your fostered dog to get comfortable with you and its new environment, so please be patient and consistent.

You will be assigned a “foster mentor” and they will always available to answer your questions if you need any guidance. We will support you throughout this process by giving you efficient and effective tips as well as supplying you with any special gear or tools to make your fostering period successful.

What is the process for selecting fosters?

After reviewing your application and preferences we try to match you as best we can. Of course you can refuse any dog for whatever reason, but we ask that you keep an open mind and remember that you are helping to save a dog’s life no matter what their breed.

What happens if I am unable to get my dog to a fair or event?

While we do have limited resources and ask that you make this commitment, we understand that life happens and we can usually organize alternative transportation if given enough notice. We would greatly appreciate it if you would ask a friend or family member to assist with transporting if you cannot.

How often will my fostered dog be at adoption fairs?

We hold adoption fairs each weekend, except holiday weekends and sometimes not on the last Saturday of the month. Your foster dog will likely be shown at least 3 times per month. At times, when potential adopters want to meet the foster dog outside of the adoption fair, we may ask that you show the dog to interested parties at a time and place that is convenient for you.

I already have a dog. Can I still be a foster?

Yes! We love it when our fosters are able to make new friends. Part of the fostering experience is to help shelter and stray dogs adjust to life in a stable home. When a dog is adopted we need to know how they react to dogs, cats, kids and everyday noises like the TV or vacuum.

What happens if I am fostering a dog and it is too good a fit and I would like to adopt?

We understand that this is a likely scenario and would like to support our foster parents if they choose to adopt provided that they qualify to adopt (standard application process) and that there are no pending applications for the dog. The standard adoption fee applies. We would love to discount our dogs to our volunteers but unfortunately our vet bills don’t feel the same way. If you think you would like to adopt your foster dog, please notify us immediately and you will be expected to finalize your adoption at the next adoption event, pending approval, without skipping a fair.

What happens if I am fostering a dog and it is not a good fit?

We work very hard to support our Fosters throughout the entire process. If for some reason your foster dog is simply not working out in your home, please provide us with a 48 hour notice to ensure another appropriate place is found.

What is the fostering time commitment?

We ask for a minimum of two weeks to help the dog settle into a routine. We prefer the dog stay in the same foster home until adopted, as the goal is to give our rescued friends the love and stability they need until they find their forever people, but understand that is not always possible.

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