Lost & Found / Surrender


If your desire to rehome your dog is because of behavioral or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional. We are not trainers and your dog WILL be happiest with you with a little guidance.

If you are experiencing trouble with housing consider offering a pet deposit and signing a separate pet contract with your landlord. Your pet is family and should be given the same consideration as your other family members. There are realtors and pet friendly management companies all over Los Angeles. As we are a SMALL BREED RESCUE anyway, we cannot help you re-home your pitbull or shepherd.

Found a dog?

Think LOST not STRAY. Get the dog checked for a chip and consider taking it to a shelter to give it’s owners a chance to find it. You can get an intake number, as well as place yourself on the interested list as the first person to call when it’s available for adoption.

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