Petsmart Fair (Sunday)

Date: November 5, 2017


330 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

Fair hours: 2pm – 5pm

Set up: 1:30 — Teardown until 5:30


Note: If this is your first fair you MUST sign up as a FIRST TIME VOLUNTEER. If the spots are already full, sorry, try another fair!

DO NOT SIGN UP AS SET UP/TEAR DOWN IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME! If your group has more than 4 people you MUST email to organize a special event.
Groups of 4 MUST commit to at least 3 consecutive fairs/weeks.

Sign up below...

Set up (1:30 - 5:00)#1: Sign up »
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Tear down (2 - 5:30)#1: Sign up »
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Volunteers under 16years#1: Tori H.
#2: Oscar F.
First time volunteers (all ages)#1: Dominique T.
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Photographer#1: Sign up »