Volunteer Positions

As these positions are filled the will be removed! If they are still here please apply!


Help us move dogs to and from the fair on both days.
Pick up at Encino at 12:30 (arrive Tailwaggers at 1)
Drop off at Encino at 4:30 (leave Tailwaggers at 4)
Pick up at Encino at 1:30 (arrive Petsmart at 2)
Drop off at Encino at 5:30 (leave Petsmart at 5)
Please let us know how many dogs you are willing to transport. Crates provided!

Urgent Fundraiser Writer/Poster

Oftentimes, we learn that one of our dogs needs costly medical attention. For example, we recently learned that Oreo needs a common knee surgery which costs a minimum of $1000.

At times, we have 6 dogs in line for similar surgeries at once and are in desperate need to raise funds for them. We’ve created a special link on our website called “urgent fundraisers” where donors can read their individual pleas and choose where their pledges are most needed. We also circulate them on social medica outlets. Here is an example of a few: http://give.dogswithoutborders.org/chipins/

This volunteer position requires simple understanding of WordPress, uploading photos, and writing a compelling paragraph or two in order to raise funds for such causes. It may require 1 or 2 hours per week to upload and keep them updated. Please contact galit@dogswithoutborders.org if interested.

Craigslist Poster

This position would create listings to draw potential fosters (primarily but not exclusively for new dogs rescued for the shelter) and adopters. Listings would include a few pictures and known bio information about the dogs, and then links to the foster and adoption applications on our website.

There is no minimum time requirement for this volunteer position, and it can be done by anyone with a home computer/laptop.

Donations Outreach

This position would spend their time reaching out to various sources to secure supplies to be donated to our rescue, such as crates, pens, food, collars, flea medication, toys and durable items like Kongs, etc. Recommended source is Craigslist, and reaching out to sellers to inquire if they would be willing to donate the items being sold to our rescue for a tax-deduction.


This position requires as long as it takes to write one post a week about fostering, rescue, training, breeds, or anything about dogs that might be on use or interest to people who are looking for a new dogs, or just got a new dog.

Volunteer Foster Recruiters

This position would entail a volunteer (preferably a group) picking up a few of our dogs from boarding and heading out into predetermined parks or areas on the community to drum up interest in fostering, adoption, and volunteering for our organization.


A few times a year we welcome larger, corporate groups for pack walks with some adoptable dogs, and we educate them about our foster program and ask them to hand out flyers or take info as sign ups. Corporate groups usually run 8am to 11am and can be scheduled at your convenience.  You will organize some dogs to appear at the walk, as well as 2 or 3 volunteers. Give a short talk about DWB, rescue in LA (euthanasia, etc) and our foster program. Then you will give out materials to the group and guide the on a short pack walk.

You should enjoy hiking, meeting new people, be comfortable talking to groups and organized!


This position requires a couple of hours each month (from home) organizing pre-fair pack walks/mini picnics at locations close to the SUNDAY fairs (typically Pan Pacific Park but it’s up to you!) and then meeting volunteers and fosters for the mini walk and talk before heading over to fair.

You will post on our Volunteer Facebook Group Page and keep our volunteer coordinator in the loop about the events so they can be sent out in weekly blasts.


We are looking for several volunteers to visit dogs on Sunday afternoons at city shelters and report back to our rescuer information about certain dogs we are interested in pulling the following Monday. Each visit takes about 2 hours to complete.
The shelter locations are:

  • Van Nuys
  • Downtown
  • South LA
  • San Pedro

If you are available on Sundays to visit any of these locations on a regular basis, please email galit@dogswithoutborders.org


Our foster department is looking for a data entry assistant with flexible hours and intermittent computer access throughout the day. Overall, it requires less than an hour of inputting each day, but the information may arrive intermittently in your inbox and should be entered within a couple of hours whenever possible. Please email galit@dogswithoutborders.org for more info.


Our trusty foster newsletter writer has gotten backed up with wedding plans. We are sincerely happy for her and wish to provide some assistance. Each week we send at least two blasts of dogs needing fosters via Mailchimp. It’s a pretty easy to use system where you just plug photos and write descriptions of our dogs needing fosters. It takes about 2 hours per week. Interested? Email galit@dogswithoutborders.org.


This volunteer position is open for anyone who already has adoption fair experience willing to learn the ropes of how to approve, & process applications, and how to finalize adoptions. Ideally we would like to train 2-3 candidates in order to alternate dates and ask for a commitment of one Saturday per month.
Email galit@dogswithoutborders.org


Our general inbox is flooded with all sorts of requests from business partnership opportunities, to general dog inquiries. We are looking for a volunteer to check this general inbox on a regular basis and respond to customers with specific questions about particular dogs.
Most questions are simply from people who don’t take a moment to read our instructions on how to fill out an application, or specific info about a dog already listed in its bio.
Good customer service in place to encourage potential adopters on where to find an application, or learn more about our dogs can help more of them get adopted!
If you think you can help, email galit@dogswithoutborders.org. This position would require about 1 hour per day by someone who can check the box each morning and afternoon on a daily basis.

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