We are still rescuing and placing dogs in forever homes. We do NOT have a facility that you can visit. All adoption applications must be completed online. Interviews are conducted over the phone and/or FaceTime/Zoom. 

Thank you for considering a rescue dog. We have a lot of wonderful pooches available to suit every lifestyle and we’re sure we can help you find the perfect friend. Rescue dogs are not broken or bad, they have simply been let down by their human guardians. Many are purebred, some were surrendered, while others were found in the street. All our rescue dogs will provide a lifetime of love and companionship. Take one home today.

All our dogs are vet checked, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to adoption.

Adoption Fees

Senior dogs over 10 years: $325 + $10 paypal fee (no fee with a check)
Adult dogs over 1 year: $400 + $12 paypal fee (no fee with a check)
Puppies 6-12 months: $450 + $14 paypal fee (no fee with a check)
Puppies under 6 months: $500 + $15 paypal fee (no fee with a check)


Pigs: $500 + $15 paypal fee (no fee with a check)
All Cats & Kittens : $100 + $3 paypal fee (no fee with a check)

Adoption fees help us cover the costs of vet bills, prescriptions, food, supplies, grooming and transportation, and allow us to continue our work saving homeless dogs.

Dogs Without Borders is a registered 501(c)(3) registered charity.
You must be 21 years of age or older in order to adopt a dog from DWB.


First Steps

  1. Browse our adoptable dogs
  2. Fill out an Adoption Application
  3. Our Adoption Coordinator will contact you within 4 business days (our staff are out of the office at adoption fairs on weekends) to review your application (see below for PUPPY ADOPTIONS)

After you are approved

  1. Meet your potential new best friend at a private meet and greet or at an adoption fair
  2. Take your dog home for a week-long Trial Adoption period (sometimes called foster-to-adopt but we do not use this term!)
    1. We provide food, crate, any medical supplies
    2. Review the handbook
  3. Our Foster Mentor contacts you within a few days to check in and help with any questions or concerns
  4. One of our volunteers will perform a home inspection to ensure a safe and happy environment for your new pet.
  5. Decide if you want to adopt the dog
    1. If Yes, let us know ASAP so we can arrange for your to finalize your adoption at our next adoption fair
      1. Adoption fees are listed above.
      2. You return the crate, collar, leash and supplies, you keep the red tag
      3. We transfer all shelter and medical records to you in our online-system
      4. We transfer the dog’s microchip into your name using
      5. Family Photo!
    2. If No, let us know ASAP so we can arrange for your to drop off your dog at our next adoption fair
      1. You return the crate, collar, leash and supplies
      2. If you would like to be matched with a different dog let us know, and we can review what didn’t work out and who may be a better fit for your lifestyle

If you find more than one dog that fits your criteria, you do not need to fill out multiple applications, simply enter all the dogs that you are interested in on one application.

*Trial Adoptions apply to all dogs over 6 months, but does not apply to puppies who are considered “straight adoptions”. Our Trial Adoption program insures a higher rate of successful adoptions because the pressure to decide in the moment is removed. 

Still not finding the right dog? Have no fear! We rescue new dogs every week. You can also tell us what you are looking for and we will let our rescuer know to keep an eye out for that perfect match.

You may also visit any one of our adoption fairs to meet our dogs in person, take them for a walk, and spend some time with them to find that special connection. You can fill out an application and be interviewed for approval on the spot!


Puppies are not available for a trial period. In almost all cases applicants are pre-screened through an online application, and interview with our puppy coordinator, and invited to our a “puppypalooza” fair to meet the litter and choose/collect their puppy. We do accept in person applications at puppypalooza events as well but for faster-service we recommend you apply for available puppies online.

Questions? Check out our FAQ!