Swimming Pools & Outside Surfaces: How Hot Is That Patio?

Swimming Pools & Outside Surfaces: How Hot Is That Patio?

For anyone who has ever ran quickly across a scorching hot beach with bare feet during the summer knows how painful this experience can be. Dogs and cats paws are particularly sensitive compared to the thick skin found on the bottoms of our human feet. Swimming pools can pose many risks and dangers when it […]

To adopt or not to adopt?

To adopt or not to adopt? That is the question I asked myself after my Yellow Lab “Potato” died at the age of 11. I felt inconsolable. Was I ever going to recover from the sadness? Probably not completely, but I knew from experience there was one way to feel better – find a new […]

Raw Dog Food: Dietary Concerns, Benefits, and Risks

Jordan Walker’s passion for animals is unrivaled. He writes regularly for Coops And Cages and other blogs where he spends his boundless enthusiasm educating pet parents on various pet issues. In this post, he sorts out the pros and cons of adopting a raw food diet for dogs. Feeding a raw food diet to dogs […]


Belgium’s National Lapdog

Simply put, there was more to Belgium than waffles. Bustling cities, picturesque farmland, towering cathedrals, linguistic diversity, world-class beer—they all vied for my attention as I backpacked through a lovely little country no larger than the state of Maryland. One evening, while browsing through a historic library in the seaside town of Ostend, I ran […]

dinning with doggy

Dining with Doggy

Whether it’s Sunday brunch, grabbing some beers and bar food, or a romantic night out with your non canine partner, bringing your fur-baby makes for creating more fulfilling memories exploring the LA foodie scene. Backyard at the W Hotel – Fido’s Kitchen Put this on your bucket list. Nestled in Westwood is a swanky brunch […]

10 Tips to Ease Your New Furry Family Member Home From Dogs Without Borders

First things first – CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so happy that you chose to help a dog in need and are willing to open your home and heart!  By considering a few guidelines to transitioning your new dog, you can anticipate problems and correct them calmly and as quickly as possible. Determine where your new dog […]

tibetan spaniel

A Fluffy Piece of Tibet

“You can’t see air,” my translator said, stopping to catch a breath, “but you can sure tell when it’s getting thinner!” This made me laugh, and we both paused atop the ridge, the full splendor of Tibet spread beneath us. From the tiny town of Lhatse, our home base, we’d trekked uphill nearly seven miles, […]


Having something all your own

Sasha came to my home with her pups. A very young nursing rescue, but so trusting & generous. She is still a puppy herself. I can’t imagine any circumstance in which this little girl was ever not cherished & fiercely protected. She is an absolute Angel! & so sweetly well behaved. She is a big […]

A short film about Dogs Without Borders staff and volunteers

People Who Make a Difference: Dogs Without Borders from christina cocca on Vimeo.

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