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Having something all your own by DWB Foster Sylvie Mayrose

Sasha came to my home with her pups. A very young nursing rescue, but so trusting & generous. She is still a puppy herself. I can’t imagine any circumstance in which this little girl was ever not cherished & fiercely protected. She is an absolute Angel! & so sweetly well behaved. She is a big kisser!

I’ve noticed she’s been sneaking off & curling up on her own recently (!Hidin from her now mobile Pupp’ehs?)

I found her “Cozy Place”. There is a plush out of the way bed in the Livingroom, tucked hidden next to a big chair, for any critter who needs a private place. It is now hers.

I also found the missing stash of dog harnesses. She is front & center when everyone’s harnesses, suits, and vests come off after a walk- but she’s been on a collar due to nursing. Unfortunately, Harnesses are a luxury in rescue~ Collars are standard.

She has been hoarding harnesses & sweaters. (She will carry one around & always give it to you if asked.)

I gather, in her previous life her harness was special. To her maybe it represented going for walks, being loved, attended to…I hope- It was pretty, and befitting the beautiful girl with the trusting almond eyes that can actually make you tear up, when she looks up from under her long lashes with question, hope, and appreciation.

After puppies went to bed, I sat quietly last night and just watched. (I have our walk gear, in a big basket by the door.) She collects up the harnesses, rolls on them, carries them around…and then stashes them in the Cozy Place.

I left them there. They have meaning to her.

This morning we opened up the big chest, to find Sasha her own harness. It is pink & pretty, with a bedazzled “Love” on it. She sat very proud, and knew to put her head in, & lift her left front leg to have it put on. (I don’t know that it is comfortable with her nursing status- but she loves it.) She strutted & preened, then like any puppy- rolled around, head back, making the happy pooch sounds gettin’ doggly.
I took it off her for morning feeding…she would not give it back. Won’t set it down. If not wearing it, she’s carrying it.

It IS Hers, and that has meaning for her. I put it back on after nursing and she went to her cozy place.

Sometimes…Having something all your own, a bed, a special toy, blanket- something, that never has to be shared or given up-is a small part of the recipe that helps get “rescue” pups- back to just being pups.

It’s pretty amazing and humbling, to see how a single odd small “thing” can be so significant. (Having abundantly spoiled furkids, I sometimes forget- not all dogs take “stuff” for granted as baseline.)

Sometimes, you just need to have something ALL Your Own, to remember you are worth it. You are Loved. A small step in the process of these rescues shedding their past, their title, and being the amazing little cherished individuals they are.
Miss Sasha, is a Princess in HER bedazzled pink Harness, she will tell you so herself.

That to me….has no measure.

This is why I foster. These are the moments that nourish. You do not think you can- But this is why there is profound JOY…when these kids do have their forever “Gotcha Day”, and they move forward & leave you.

The point in all of this is their VERY BEST FOREVER. It is a Blessing to be included & contribute to their journey.

I do miss them when they go~but the most powerful feeling, is the Love that quickly takes the pang from the “I Miss You”…and knowing they are HOME~ Cherished, Loved & Forever WANTED.

In honor of Sasha, I am collecting things. The things that will be their Forever Thing. Blankets, Harnesses, Beds, Toys- “Comfort Things”

Anyone who wants to send something in, please msg me here on FB for the immediate- & an address will be up shortly.

Just Note “A Special Thing” above the address, and it will go in the right place.
(And keep in mind- these are going to a 501c3, save your receipt, claim your tax deduction. Even the IRS loves a Rescue!)

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