Bobby’s Buddies

We believe that the behavioral challenges that dogs struggle with are just as important as their medical needs. All dogs deserve to get the training they need to set them (and their forever families) up for success.

Bobby came to DWB at just 7 months old and almost immediately started exhibiting both medical and behavioral issues. While his medical needs were addressed, his behavior remained unpredictable. Finding a trainer that can work with a dog in a foster program is difficult, and nearly impossible for a non-profit group to afford. Because of this, Bobby went NINE long years without a home. He was bounced between fosters, kennel facilities, a “sanctuary”, and more kennel facilities.

We finally found a trainer willing to work with Bobby, and his life was forever changed!! (thank you Sasha @canineinaction) Bobby finally FOUND HIS HOME in February of 2023 after 9 years in rescue.

In honor of Bobby, we have vowed to NEVER AGAIN allow a dog to go so long without the training they need to address the behaviors keeping them from getting the loving home they deserve.

Please donate or sponsor a dog TODAY!

Donate towards our Bobby’s Buddies Training Fund to help other dogs just like Bobby find their happily ever after: 

Just some of the things your donation will help cover include: 

⭐️ Board and Train Programs: $2000-$5500 (cost varies by length of program) that allows dog to be fully immersed in a trainer’s home, with training sessions tailored to the dog’s specific needs.

⭐️ Full Day Training: $100-$200/day  Provides focused training, during business hours, with a full day of interactive, fun and memorable advancements for the dog.

⭐️ Private Training: apx $80/hour, Private Training with owner/foster in their home, park or trainer’s facility

⭐️ Consultation: apx $100-$150 to discuss your dogs challenges, and the best approach to overcoming them

⭐️ Address common challenges such as Fear, Aggression, Social Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Dog & Cat interactions, Leash Reactivity and more


Bobby’s Buddies alum:

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