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  • Adoption Status: Available
  • Breed: Shih tzu Mix
  • Male / 5 years / 19 lbs
  • Medium Energy
  • House Trained
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
  • No Cats
  • No Kids
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When Aston was first surrendered to the shelter, they tried to cut away some of the extremely matted hair from his face and what they discovered was heartbreaking. Underneath all of that hair were two blood shot, bulging eyes that were the result of a severe blow to the back of his head. Yep, someone hit his little head so hard that his eyes had popped out the socket. Despite the valiant efforts of vets and fosters, Aston had to have both of his eyes removed (we will be adding some more recent photos ASAP).

Aston has been busy adjusting to life now as a blind dog and is doing really well (Just LOOK at how this crazy little dude sleeps in 2nd picture :)). BUT, he sure could use a loving forever home to help show him the way. He deserves all the love in the world after what he has been through.

Once Aston gets familiar with you and his surroundings, he will give kisses and jump with excitement. Aston is truly a wonderful and loving companion, he just needs someone to take the time to let him know that he can trust and he will show you the beautiful heart he has. As is the case with many blind dogs, you will need to go slow with him at first so you don’t startle him. Because of this, we would like to place him in a home without kids. But don’t you worry, Aston is best little kid there and he does do well with dogs who are low energy or good at doggy cues.

Aston’s list of things he loves is a long one but just some of them include walks, pets, nuzzles, belly rubs, car rides, treats, sitting in the sun, getting baths (hey, a guy needs to sparkle), and he is even very chill on outings by your side.

We would love to get Aston into a loving forever home SOON.

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