Please read this dog's profile and the requested criteria before calling or submitting an application.

  • Adoption Status: Pending
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Male / 1 year / 9 lbs
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
  • No Kids
  • Good with Dogs
Apply to Adopt Bruin

Bruin is looking for a home with an active person that has no kids living in the home. This cutie is very high energy and loves to play. He’s a champ at tag and will always win! He can bark at noises around and outside the home but this will improve once he gets used to his environment. Bruin loves his walks and is good with other dogs as long as they are playful and well adjusted. He prefers to be with other dogs close to his size though. Don’t let his size fool you btw, Bruin is no “purse” dog and loves to be active along with his person. He will need regular walks out on the town and loves hiking (ON leash) and can go for miles.