Chester & Rodolfo

Please read this dog's profile and the requested criteria before submitting an application.


  • Adoption Status: Courtesy Post
  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Pair (two males) / 3 years / 27lb(C) | 34lb(R)
  • Medium Energy
  • This dog is a listed as a courtesy to another rescuer. Please review the dog's description and contact them if you're interested in adopting.

  • Good with Dogs

This dog is a COURTESY POST. Please read their profile to learn how to adopt.

“Hello, there! We are Chester and Rodolfo (my friends call my Rudy)”

“We are from Mexico where we both ran into some sticky situations that left us…a little broken. But we are so grateful to the people who have helped us along the way. Our bodies are getting stronger and we are adapting to life here in Los Angeles. Warm sunshine, a cool ocean breeze and friends, what more could a couple of bachelors want?”

A forever home?

“Oh yes, a family of our very own would be excellent! We would really love to find a home together because every superhero needs his sidekick. Although we do very well apart, our favorite time is together. So we are sending a big wish out there for an extraordinary family. And as much as we both have fighting spirits, there are some things that are just a part of life. We both need help to go potty, and our back legs are not as functional as our front legs. But we have really cool carts!!! We love treats, toy time (Chester especially) and cuddles, cuddles, cuddles!!!! Please check out our videos and pictures…which barely even captures our charm. Hope to roll with you soon.”

Chester – estimated to be 3 years of age, male, neutered. Very soft fur and a gentle personality. Friendly with people and dogs with proper introductions. Gets frisky playing with plush toys. Enjoys a leisure stroll and sniffing new spots. Loves to cuddle and be pet.

Rodolfo – estimated to be 3 years of age, male, neutered. Deep, soulful eyes and petite whiskers. Likes walks and even a jaunty jog in his cart. Can be nervous with new people and dogs so slow and patient introductions are best. Once a friendship is made, Rudy bonds deeply. Very smart and food motivated to learn and train. Also a huge fan of cuddles and physical attention.

*** Both dogs are currently receiving physical therapy and acupuncture, and though they benefit, it is not expected that either will regain walking ability. They will require bladder expressing and bowel evacuation (stimulated with q-tip). Experience doing so is a huge plus but willing to train committed individuals.