Hooray! This dog has been adopted!


  • Adoption Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Terrier mix
  • Female / 4 yrs / 12 lbs
  • House Trained
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Kids
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When Gracie came in, she had a wound on her right hind limb that the medical team attended to and treated with a topical cream and antibiotics. The medical staff believed it was a foxtail and so Gracie was sedated to examine the area more closely. No foxtail was found but it did look like something was protruding out through her skin so X-rays were taken. X-rays revealed that Gracie has screws in the inner part of her hind limb and the screws are starting to poke out through her skin. It was also discovered that Gracie has a heart murmur 4 1/2 out of 6.

Gracie is out of the shelter now and doing so much better. Her wound is healing and she is on the way to a vet to check out the murmur.

Obviously Gracie was loved because someone paid for her surgery. Sadly, that person didn’t come to find her in the shelter. She is a really sweet girl who gets along with all dogs large and small and once she’s got the thumbs up from the vet would do well in any family.

If you would like to foster Gracie or foster her to adopt please fill out an application for her.

Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

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