Please read this dog's profile and the requested criteria before submitting an application.

  • Adoption Status: Deceased
  • Breed:
  • Male / 14 years / 14 kbs
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
Apply to Adopt Jupiter
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Jupiter arrived at the shelter as a stray. His chip shows that he is a shelter alumni.His owners never replied to inquiries nor came to get him.

While he was being examined by shelter medical staff, a couple of masses were found on his prepuce and inguinal area. It was also discovered that he has a grade 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart. He has some arthritis. One canine has pretty terrible dental disease but he can’t manage under anesthetic so it’s probably best to give him some enzymes to add to his drinking water and maybe a non anesthetic dentals to relieve some pressure on the gum.

Jupiter is in a hospice foster situation. He probably don’t have too much time. He coughs in the way that dogs in congestive heart failure cough. He will have palliative care.

His foster is a first time foster but very caring. She does “energy healing” and provides him with a quiet home.