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  • Adoption Status: Courtesy Post
  • Breed: German shepherd, Siberian husky Mix
  • Male / 1 year / 80 lbs
  • Resource Guarding
  • This dog is a listed as a courtesy to another rescuer. Please review the dog's description and contact them if you're interested in adopting.

This dog is a COURTESY POST. Please read their profile to learn how to adopt.

Max is a 1 year old German Shepherd Mix. He has already been trained extensively, he knows all basic obedience, and is great walking on a leash. He is extremely friendly with people, kids, and dogs of all sizes! Max loves to play and work and needs an extremely active lifestyle. Being in a home with another dog to play with would be ideal.

Max is a a great companion for anyone that is looking for an active but cuddly friend. He loves to relax with people and get pets, hugs, and kisses. Although he is such a fantastic and sweet dog, he does have a resource guarding issue. He does not seem to be food aggressive but if he decides something is his (like a ball or a pair of sunglasses) it cannot be ripped away from him. There is a resolution for this! Max knows many commands and can be distracted from whatever object through training and rewards!

Max is ready to find his forever home!
Contact: Elana 1 (818) 462-3212