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  • Adoption Status: Available
  • Breed: Terrier
  • Male / 3 years / 22 lbs
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
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Mingi is described as calm and sweet! He’s neutered, healthy and ready for his forever family here in LA. Arriving this week!

This dog was rescued from the meat trade industry in Korea. In their life, prior to rescue, they have been neglected and abused. They have witnessed horrific things including the slaughter of their best friends. They have not experienced the loving touch of a human.
Thankfully, a dog rescue organization in Korea stepped in to save them. Some dogs are taken directly from the meat farms, others from shelters where they have ended up when farms close or are abandoned. Others from the streets or dumps where they are left to die. After being rescued in Korea, wonderful volunteers donate countless hours to begin rehabilitation of each and every dog. They spend hours socializing with the dogs providing them with the first glimpse of human affection they have ever known. They introduce them to leashes and crates, and work to help them understand that life can be beautiful and kind. When a dog is well adjusted enough to adopt out, the organization then works to place them with adoptive families or other rescue organizations. There quite simply are not enough homes in their home county for these sweet lost souls. Dogs Without Borders is one of their partner organizations.
When they arrive in Los Angeles, another phase of their rehabilitation begins. When they first arrive after the long flight, most of these dogs are extremely shy and scared. They require patience, patience, and more patience as they learn that they are also safe in their new environment. One’s instinct would be to smother them with affection and attention given their tragic past but this is not how these dogs learn to thrive. Persistent kindness and patience is key. Although they adjusted to life outside of the meat farm in Korea, most sights and sounds in the big city will be new to them. Things like cars, streets, loud sounds will all be new and a challenge to overcome. They are flight risks so we always ask they they be double leashed when walked. Our foster team will work with you throughout the process.

Here is where we know they thrive:
*In a loving home with a patient person or people, no young kids
*Fenced yard
*Another confident dog
*Someone willing to follow our guidelines and ensure the safety of the dog at all times

Taking a dog from trauma to a life of love is an incredibly rewarding experience. We hope that the right person will open their hearts and home up to this deserving dog.

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