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  • Adoption Status: Available
  • Breed: Jack Russell terrier Mix
  • Male / 6 years / 13lb
  • High Energy
  • Resource Guarding
  • No kids under 12yrs
  • All dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed; and come with a DWB ID tag!
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
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Requirements: Older kids ok, yard preferred

Zeke is an adorable little guy that will win your heart over! He is super energetic and playful, does well with cats and other dogs. He is crate trained and walks pretty well on leash once her gets going. He is quick to learn and treat motivated. Zeke does have a bite history due to resource guarding toys (once he finds a favorite he can lock onto it and will lunge if you try to get near him to take it) but he is easily distracted and you can redirect him quickly. For this reason though, he must be in either an adult only household or with kids that are older. Zeke is the type of dog that thrives on structure and leadership and needs a good balance of mental and physical stimulation. He does great when meeting new people and loves being active. He does mark in a new environment but again structure should get him on the right track. Zeke is a lot of fun, but is best for someone that has experience that can provide him with his proper needs to help him become the best companion.

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