Can I take a dog home on a trial basis?

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Yes!  All adult dogs are allowed to go home for a free, week-long Trial Adoption (aka Foster to Adopt).  This is based on an approved ADOPTION application.

This is a great way to see how your other pets get along with a potentially new member of the pack.  If you suffer from allergies, please let us know so we can recommend a suitable breed for your condition.

If at the end of the week you do not feel the dog is a good match, we can either re-home the dog to a new foster or, hopefully, you will continue fostering until a permanent home is found.

In general, very young puppies are not up for trial periods as we prefer not to disturb their environments until a firm commitment is made.  Since they are puppies, their true personality has not yet developed and it is the new owner’s duty to form and shape the puppy’s behavior as it matures.

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