What does the adoption process include?

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The first step is an Adoption Application, followed by a quick interview with a Dogs Without Borders representative. After a match is made you will take a dog home for a week-long Adoption Trial*. Upon adoption you will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement, pay a fee, and we will schedule a home visit.

We guarantee each adult dog is current on DHPP or DHLPP and Rabies vaccines, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.  You will be provided with your new dogs vaccination and health records, spay/neuter certificate, and microchip number when the adoption is completed. If you are adopting a puppy that is too young to spay or neuter, Dogs Without Borders is responsible for sending you to a clinic (of our choice) for the procedure to be completed (at our cost) once the puppy is of age.

Puppies under 6 months may not have received all vaccines due to their age at adoption. In that case you will be responsible for continuing them on the appropriate vaccines schedule. We will guide you through this process,

*Puppies under 6 months do not qualify for a week-long Trial Adoption.
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