What if the dog doesn’t work out in my home?

If for any reason your adopted dog does not work out in your home after a basic adjustment period, Dogs Without Borders will accept the dog back to re-home. However, we ask for your patience in finding a suitable foster home before you can relinquish it. If the dog must be returned immediately, it is up to the owner to board it at a boarding facility until a proper volunteer foster home is found. Since we do not have our own kennel, we cannot take returned dogs on an immediate basis. We are also here to guide you through any complications that may arise in terms of behavior or health issues. We are not certified trainers or veterinarians, but we do know a thing or two about dogs and hope that our guidance will help prevent unnecessary re-homing of a dog.

Please consider hiring a trainer, behaviourist or attending a class. You can see a list of recommended professionals here.

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