Adoption Fairs

If your dog was just rescued from the shelter it will not attend adoption fairs for the first 10 days.

After that decompression period, we ask that your dog attends at least one adoption fair per weekend, but you are welcome to bring to both. You will receive an email from our foster department asking you to confirm which fair(s) your dog will attend. It’s imperative that you REPLY even if your dog cannot attend.

There’s no need to hang around at the fairs, just drop off and pick up, our dogs show better when their foster parents aren’t there anyway. If your dog goes to a trial home (foster-to-adopt) we will call you so that you don’t have to come pick up (unless you’d like another foster!)


  • RSVP
  • Crate
  • Extra Food
  • Medication
  • Special harnesses
  • Dog

Please make sure your dogs crate is marked with their name. A piece of masking tape and a Sharpie is adequate. When you arrive at Fair please place all of the supplies inside the labeled crate.