Common medical situations

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​If your new foster dog was just rescued from the shelter, she may develop kennel cough within the first 10 days.

Do NOT be alarmed if you see a runny nose, or if you start to hear a hacking or honking sound in their throat/chest; simply EMAIL us as soon as you observe this, and you will receive a response within 24hrs to arrange for you to pick up some antibiotics.

Kennel cough IS contagious to other dogs, so please separate your dog from the foster as soon as you think there might be symptoms.  (We will provide any foster with antibiotics for their dog if the kennel cough is transferred)

Another common thing dogs experience after leaving the shelter is having worms in their feces. While not pleasant, it’s an easy, one ­pill fix.

Fleas are also another unpleasant situation. Dogs are pre­treated at time of rescue, but we also provide flea treatment at no cost to our fosters as needed; simply EMAIL us and we will schedule a location for you to either pickup the flea medication or you can come to any of our weekend adoption fairs for a treatment.

All of these things are available to help our fosters & dogs have a smooth, stress-free experience!