HOW TO: Overseas dogs

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EXTREME CARE must be taken if your foster dog is from overseas, including but not limited to Korea, China, Taiwan, Albania, Iran or Kosovo.

The dogs we bring from these other countries are often fearful of people and usually have not been in a home environment, nor around cars, bikes, construction, vacuums, TVs, in cars, or even walked on a leash.

More than any other dog we rescue they need PATIENCE and CAUTION.

They should ALL be considered a flight risk, no matter how confident they seem in your home. They should ALL be double leashed and their collar/harnesses need to be refitted regularly for their own safety.

If you are uncertain of how to use, or adjust, your dog’s collar and harness please refer to the how to sections for those items. If you are still struggling please contact us for help.

Your overseas dog may arrive wearing a whistle GPS device on it’s collar. If your Foster dog is wearing a Whistle GPS device it must be double leashed at all times when not inside your home. this includes traveling to and from an adoption Fair, walks in your neighborhood, and visiting friends.

Do not unleash your overseas dog on your porch, in your breezeway or other open space.

This is not a joke.