HOW TO: Relaxation protocol

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Do you have a dog who is always on the go? He probably spends his days driving you crazy with his endless array of enthusiastic activities, and he never seems to relax.


Maybe you have a dog who seems afraid of everything. His fear and stress are probably obvious most of the time, and he may never seem to calm down as he moves throughout his day.

Or perhaps your doggo is reactive. If so, he’s probably always on the lookout for something, and when he sees it, he explodes in a frenzy of barking, or get so distracted it’s like you don’t exist.

Dogs who have issues with hyperactivity, fearfulness, or reactivity may have trouble relaxing, or calming themselves down when they get excited.

It’s like they have simply never learned how to relax! Fortunately, there’s a way to teach your pooch to chill out — it’s called a relaxation protocol.