Foster Handouts

As you likely know already, we rescue dogs primarily from the shelter; as a result, we do NOT know if they are house-trained, dog or cat friendly, or good with children; this is where our FOSTERS come in! We rely on YOU to help us with this “fact ­finding” mission­ to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly­ and in return, we offer our experience and support to help fosters feel empowered to address any situation that comes up with their foster dogs.

If we know anything about a dog’s personality or health prior to you fostering, rest assured we will tell you as much information as we possibly can. We also have several easy to read handouts regarding a variety of topics that fosters will find helpful­ from housetraining tips, to suggestions on how to introduce your dog to your new foster dog, etc.­ we have all of the resources and training support needed, all you have to do is ask!


Read me first!

Starting Out Right

The First 72 Hours – Setting Your Foster Dog Up for Success

New Dog Integration with Resident Dog

Confinement Area

Crate Training

Dogs and Cats

Separation Anxiety


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