In Memoriam: Janie

You’ve never felt love like this.

Janie was adopted from Dogs Without Borders by her loving dad, Thom, on March 21st, 2009.  On that day, both of their lives changed for the better.  It was a particularly special day for Janie, a shelter dog who would finally learn about stability, family and love.  Thom didn’t just adopt a dog…he gained a friend, travel companion, confidant and teacher who helped mold him into a better person.  Janie allowed Thom to become more aware of the world we live in…to openly experience love, affection and compassion in all souls.

Janie LOVED to ride in the car – they drove across the United States together at least 5 times!  There were also many travels between California and Missouri.  Janie visited Washington D.C., Ohio, Aspen, Big Bear Lake, Monterey, New York and many other beautiful destinations.  She was a well-travelled pup who was always by her dad’s side.

To some, Janie was a complicated dog.  She loved on her own terms.  She wasn’t a “velcro dog” who always wanted to be in Thom’s arms, but she definitely always wanted to be near him.  She didn’t care for toys.  Her favorite treat was Beef Flank steak from Just Food for Dogs.  Janie brought extreme happiness and joy to everyone who met and had the fortuitous opportunity to befriend her.

Janie’s time on this earth came to an end on April 17th, 2019.  Thom has donated this page to keep Janie’s memory alive forever in our rescue, our hearts and for all the other “Janie’s” out there seeking their forever home.

“The day I adopted Janie I knew would be a special day and as it turned-out it was the best day of my life, the best thing I ever did in my life. Janie changed my life, Janie made me a better person.  Janie made me work for her love and in return she gave so much more than I could ever have imagined.  We were together constantly and as much as I did for her, she gave back so much more.  There can never be another Janie and I will leave this world a better person because Galit let me adopt her.  Janie will always be in my heart and I think about her every day.   I miss her more each day.”