Dogs Without Borders is an established foster-based dog rescue that has rescued over 6000 dogs since its inception.

It currently operates from Northridge CA with an annual budget of $500K, and a small staff.

We are seeking the perfect candidate to be our Executive Director to oversee and direct all ins and outs of the rescue’s daily operations.

This position is for an extremely serious candidate who is passionate about dog-rescue and understands the labor of love a rescue entails, from handling dogs to staff management, accounting, & operations.

This position is ultimately saves dogs by managing humans and systems alike.

Partial work from home, while reporting to our Northridge location on a weekly basis, with a combination weekday/weekend schedule as needed.

Candidate MUST possess extensive dog rescue knowledge & experience in the Los Angeles area, including:

  • Knowledge of the Los Angeles city and county shelter Systems
  • Knowledge of basic medical issues that arise in shelter systems
  • Knowledge of basic behavioral issues the rescued dogs can often experience and how to approach, diffuse, and gain their trust, –
  • Possess ‘the touch” and sensitivity where it comes to winning-over traumatized, unsocialized, and untrusting dogs.
  • Candidate must be a STRONG LEADER- providing support, leadership while empowering staff.
  • Must be a consistent and organized.
  • Must be an optimistic realist, while possessing the skill and tact required to diffuse negativity that can fester in the rescue world.
  • Must be Solution based.
  • Must be even tempered, yet firm.
  • Must be a clear and concise communicator.
  • Must follow systems and processes in place while creating new procedures to improve them, forging new processes and procedures where needed.
  • Growth oriented.
  • Must be EXTREMELY organized and systematic
  • Understanding of modern web-based software systems such as Airtable, Slack, Click-Up.
  • Must love dogs is an understatement.
  • Strong Management & Customer service stills
  • Staff supervision & scheduling,
  • Thorough knowledge of G-Suite, docs sheets, drive, Word, Excel, type min of 45 WPM.

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Engage with staff daily, providing guidance and support
  • Approve spending allotted by board
  • Report to board regularly
  • Attend board meetings on occasion
  • Provide elevated customer support
  • Oversee medical spending and decisions pertaining to complex medical cases
  • Head weekly staff meeting
  • Manage donor communication and tracking
  • Manage fundraisers and events
  • Create and oversee committees where needed