Studies show that aversive trainer (shock collars, prong collars, intimidation) produces negative outcomes for dogs. You will not eliminate aggressive behavior in a dog by being aggressive.

Force free, positive reinforcement training means that we do not use fear, or intimidation to shape the behavior we want. Dogs act with one purpose, to improve their situation, so learning what they value (usually food but also affection, or toys) and being consistent with your praise will help you communicate with your dog and live in harmony.

Dogs Without Borders dogs MAY NOT be trained with aversive methods, including but not limited to Shock Collars, E Collars, nor Prong Collars. This also includes “invisible fencing”.

Here are trainers we recommend as well as further reading

Find a Force-Free Trainer in your area

What do different dog trainer certifications mean?

Every Dog
Force free training.
Los Angeles, OC, virtual

Dog Training by Kiko Pup – Free training Videos

Los Angeles Based Trainers

Jocelyn @The Muttineer
Mention Dogs Without Borders and get $25 off a 4 week puppy class

Kate Hart (works with us regularly)
Force free training.  508-361-2632
Mention Dogs Without Borders and get a 7 week in-person training class for $100.
Los Angeles, OC, virtual, board and train, reverse board and train

Sasha Gribova (has worked with DWB including Bobby, Ghost, Glitter Girl, Gusto and more!) 
Positive reinforcement only

Los Angeles, Board and Train, Private training

GoLightly Training
Positive reinforcement only, 10% off for DWB adopters
North Hollywood, Private training
Specialty services include prepping dogs for a new baby, separation anxiety and reactivity.
$100-$150 per session, with a free in-person consultation

The Polite Pooch Class (at Tailwaggers)

Laura Bourhenne
818 800 4818
private sessions only
Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Paul Owens
1800 269 3591
Studio City, SF Valley,  Pasadena, Montrose, and Glendale

J9’s K9s
818 832 9906
Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park, and Granada Hills

Dorna Sakurai
310 -266-9418
Westside and the Valley

Kim Rinehardt
818 890 1133
Westside and the Valley

Dave Dreyfus
310 853 3945

Separation Anxiety (specialist)
Ardent Dog (get $15 with coupon code dogswithoutborders)

Online Trainer Classes (tricks and more)

Delta Tails
Do more with your dog
Management for Reactive Dogs (6 week course)
Play Way with Dr Amy Cook (reactive dog training and more)

Further reading

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