Volunteer FAQ

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We have had volunteers of all ages. Very young volunteers aren’t really helpful but we are happy to have your child visit us at fair to learn about rescue and compassion for animals. If you wish to teach your child about volunteering and adoption please just show up at a fair and meet some of our dogs. Please do not sign up if you have a very young child.

I am a first time volunteer who is also under 16, what slot should I use to sign up?
Use the first time volunteer slot.

How do I cancel my adoption fair sign up?
When you signed up you received a confirmation email. There’s a unique link in the footer that will cancel your sign up. If you cannot fin that email in your inbox/trash you can email volunteer@dogswithotuborders.org with your name and we can cancel your spot.

DO NOT CALL THE ADOPTION FAIR VENUE. They simply provide the space! They don’t know anything about the fair!

How do I sign up?
Sign up to get on the volunteer list here
Sign up for individual events and adoption fairs here

Do i have to do training or orientation before I can volunteer?
No! We have an adoption fair orientation page here and we go over it with you at your first fair.

If you join us for a specialty position (dog walker, blogging, social media, office, etc) we will provide training to you over email, the phone or in person depending on the gig!

Can my group volunteer? (Corporate, greek system, etc)
No. We do not have the space to welcome a large group to our fairs, and we do not have a facility where you can visit.

In addition one-time fair visits are more of a hassle than helpful when it comes to live animals – we strive to make our fairs as low stress as possible for the animals and that means familiar faces!

If you’d like to engage us for an educational session at your location where we teach you about our rescue, our mission, fostering and adoption we would be happy to talk to you about that and bring a dog or two along!

Can you recommend somewhere that a large group can volunteer for one day?
Please try the Linda Blair Worldheart foundation. They have a location about 40 minutes outside of LA.

Can I walk dogs during the week?
Yes! Please volunteer at least once at an adoption fair so we can assess your leash handling skills (let us know at the fair that you want to dog walk).

If you are a doggie professional or have extensive experience (experienced dog walker, vet tech, groomer, worked at a shelter or rescue etc) you may bypass the fair route – please contact us!

Our office is in ENCINO

I keep checking but cannot get a first-time volunteer slot! How can I get a chance to volunteer?
If you’ve really been struggling to get a spot to volunteer please email volunteer@dogswithoutborders.org and let us know whether Saturdays or Sundays are better for you and we can try and help

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